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Plastics are able to outclass many other materials in different areas of use thanks to their properties, which, amongst other things, are justified by the possibilities offered by using additives. Additives are additional substances, which e.g. improve the technical properties, but also facilitate antibacterial and anti-microbial characteristics in plastics.

AMIK enclosure
AMIK enclosure rear side

Our AMIK-plastic enclosures are manufactured using injection moulding procedures from special granulate containing added substances (batches).

The batches contain steriones, which act as anti-microbial active additives. Steriones are molecules which are firmly embedded in the material and destroy bacteria and viruses, thanks to their chemical structure and reactivity. The permanently formed ions of the steriones interact in the metabolic system of cells and are able to “kill” these primitive organisms. These ions are, nevertheless, not harmful to humans.

By introducing steriones into plastics, their surfaces can become permanently effective against microbes.

In contrast to antibacterial substances, steriones not only act on bacteria but also against a multitude of other micro-organisms, such as e.g. algae and moulds.

Advantages in comparison to other systems:

  • Cause damage to the metabolic systems of germs
  • Can be basically adjusted to provide a permanent effect
  • Clear proof of a broad effect
  • Effect of ionisation
  • Adjustable effect against moulds and algae
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