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Keyboard - place for microbe transmission

Our new generation of medical keyboards equipped with AMIK (anti-microbial) is in the final stage of development and will soon be available for introduction to the market. You will then be able to find these here on this page.

However, we shall continue to offer the ABAK keyboards, which have been tried and tested products for many years:
The colonisation and growth of bacteria on surfaces is an undesirable effect in many respects. A considerable risk factor lies in the input devices of IT equipment with frequent changes of user. Due to the use of modern, antibacterial surfaces, such disturbing factors can be reduced to a minimum, however. For this purpose, Richard Wöhr GmbH has developed the hygienic keyboards of the ABAK series, which excel by their anti-bacterial user interfaces in addition to medical keyboards.
With their active protection against germs and bacteria, ABAK keyboards set a high standard with respect to the hygiene of input equipment and thus essentially contribute to the safe use of medical devices in hygienically sophisticated environments.

Mode of action of the ABAK keyboards:

The surfaces of the decorative films have an antibacterial finish and thus reliably prevent the spread of bacteria. Cleaning of the corresponding keyboard cannot be replaced by the antibacterial coating, however, but they are able to support the user by providing a reliable and constant, integrated protection against contamination in order to maintain hygiene regulations. 

Films can be cut to size and printed either as transparent foil or in any colour, with a full or selective self-adhesive surface without the loss of their antibacterial coating.

The antibacterial, scratch and chemically resistant decorative film is available in country/customer specific layouts. In addition, ABAK keyboards are characterised by the reliable long-term effect of the antibacterial surfaces, even in case of more frequent use.

ABAK keyboard

Preferred areas of use:

  • Hospital technology
  • Keyboards for medical and dental areas
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Clean room industry
  • Food and foodstuffs industry
  • Access control checks in public areas and other uses
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