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Cable glands series GH02/KVHYG in hygienic design

The cable glands of the series GH02/KVGHYG prevent effectively the disposal of dangerous microbes because of an outwards glazed and closed surface. All screw threads are located beneath of the cap nut. Because of the special design, an easily and cost saving cleaning is possible. A double cable fixing offers a certain strain relief. The cable glands are suitable especially for application in medicine, clean-room technology, biotechnology, laboratory and hospital environment and chemical industry.


  • screw connection: stainless steel V2A (1.4305)
  • exterior gaskets: made of FDA-approved material
  • degree of protection: IP68/IP69K


  • effective prevention of disposals
  • easy cleaning in comparison with conventional cable glands made of stainless steel
  • secure strain relief because of double cable fixing
  • resistant to high-pressure cleaner

Overview of the available types:

order numbermaterialfor screw threadcable diameter
GH02/KVHYG/M12stainless steel V2AM12x1,53 - 6,5 mm/
0.12 - 0.26 inch
GH02/KVHYG/M16stainless steel V2AM16x1,55 - 10 mm/
0.2 - 0.39 inch
GH02/KVHYG/M20stainless steel V2AM20x1,56 - 12 mm/
0.24 - 0.47 inch
GH02/KVHYG/M25stainless steel V2AM25x1,512 -17 mm/
0.47 - 0.67 inch
counter nuts:
GH02KVHYG/M12/GMstainless steel V2AM12x1,5-
GH02KVHYG/M16/GMstainless steel V2AM16x1,5-
GH02KVHYG/M20/GMstainless steel V2AM20x1,5-
GH02KVHYG/M25/GMstainless steel V2AM25x1,5-
Hygien. cable gland M12
Hygien. cable gland M12
Hygien. cable gland M16
Hygien. cable gland M16
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